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We take pride in providing our customers with every possible service that can make their life easier. All of our Tax preparers are licensed notaries that are trained and ready to notarize any of your documents.

We Notarize:

  • mortgage loans

  • real estate transactions

  • affidavits

  • acknowledgements

  • lost titles

  • immigration

  • copies

  • oaths 

  • and any documents that may need notarization

Come into any of our locations to get your Documents Notarized today!

Costs $6 per page – notary
$.25 per page – copies
$1.50 per page fax

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Double Up Tax Services Triple C Guarantee

Care: We promise to take care and provide year-round assistance for you . We will answer any tax questions that you may have. We promise to provide audit assistance through our audit protection program. We will help in advising and assisting in the audit process.

(We are not a legal representative).

Correct: We double check every return and make sure our employees are trained to provide you with a precise and accurate return. If we make any incorrect mistakes on your return we will reimburse you for any additional penalties and interest that you may have incurred due to our error. The Customer will be responsible for any additional taxes that would have been due had the error not occurred.

Compensation: In the event that you are not satisfied with our service you will receive a full refund or your service fee. We will redo and correct any return and waive your tax preparation fee.

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